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Hey lovely,

Have you ever felt like you're living someone else's life - it's not YOUR OWN?

Have you ever felt like you're living someone else's life - it's not YOUR OWN?

Growing up in a strict Asian household..
I was told repeatedly to be the ultimate good girl...

More passion.
More adventure.
More freedom.
More ME.

So one fine day…

When the doctor came to visit me, I sent him packing and back on a plane. People told me I was crazy to let go of such a good catch, after investing 6 years into the relationship.

I signed up for yoga teacher training, and while I was there I realised I couldn’t go back to my job. So I called my boss and told her there and then that I was quitting. My family’s first reaction was that they had spent so much time and money on me and I had flushed it down the toilet. 

Since then I’ve been on a journey of rediscovering who I am and stepping into that person I meant to be and living the life of my dreams.

Because I had the courage to break free from tradition and norms,
I am married to my soulmate, Rob, and he is my best friend, my partner and I love going through this adventure called life with him!

I now do work that lights me up, helping women like you to live fully and freely from the heart, and break free of the limitations that hold you back, so that you become the fullest and brightest version of yourself.

While it hasn’t always been easy, life has been a full adventure where I get to LIVE every day and experience every moment.

And I have learnt that no matter how many achievements you have and how successful you look in society, you will never be happy unless you feel EMPOWERED within yourself and are living a life that is true to YOU.

To study hard, become a doctor or marry one, and then have children. As an Asian woman, there was a really high pressure to perform, and conform. 

On the outside, it looked like I had it all. 

The perfect, well-paying, corporate job. A stable long-term relationship with someone who seemed great on the outside. 

BUT I dreaded waking up every morning because it meant that I had to drag myself to my soul-sucking job that felt like it was eating me up on the inside. I was suffering from daily migraines from the stress and drinking to avoid my 'real life'.

I was in a “happy on the outside” long-term relationship with a doctor. He was the responsible and stable choice, but I knew deep down it wasn’t right. My parents constantly pestered me about getting married. BUT there was no spark. That passion, that deep friendship and connection with a partner that I was longing for – I knew I could never get with him.

As I plowed through life, in the high paying job, staying in the practical relationship which was destined for marriage, my life on the outside looked great. I was told repeatedly that I should be happy and grateful because my life was perfect.




To live fully and freely from the heart.
And break free of the limitations that hold you back.
So that you become the fullest and brightest version of yourself.

And that is why I am committed to empowering you to ditch the good girl rules & reclaim your life! 

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