Cord Cutting & Power Reclaiming Workshop

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It's time to let it go.....

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Hey there my beautiful, courageous woman. Have you been feeling drained & tired lately and you're not sure why? Do you have a hard time letting go of a past relationship? Spend your days thinking of them or stalking them on social media? You still feel the pain of when they hurt you and it stops you from opening your heart again. You hear their voice in your head, and you make all your decisions based on whether they will approve. 

You're ready to let go of old relationships.

You're ready to let go the HEAVY limitations that you have picked up from others.

You're ready to step into the most authentic, free version of yourself.

Then you're in the right place!

Here's what they say:

You're ready to open yourself up to new opportunities and relationships.

Then you might have some unhealthy cords of attachment that are READY TO BE RELEASED.

"Prior to working with Sharin, I was feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and I literally looked GREY. After our session, I felt empowered, handled the issue that was holding me back and my "grey" energy became a glow. I am so grateful we worked together and I have been taking motivated action since!"

What would life look like for you if you cleared yourself of all negative energetic cords today?

GabI Garett - Publicist

"Thank you for running the cord cutting and power reclaiming workshop last night. It was amazingly powerful! I have done some cord cutting on my own at various times and the session last night was so much more effective and real than when I've tried this alone. I was able to fully connect with the process, and I had some unexpected and great results. I felt immediately lighter and more free. There is so much value in having you facilitate and I loved doing it. I intend to use the replay regularly. Looking forward to the next workshop. Count me in!!"

Tracey Judd

"I found it amazing and I feel much lighter too. I've felt quite emotional today and some intense dreams last night and it's a sign that I am starting to let go. I will definitely use the practice again. With thanks and gratitude"


If you've been called here today, it means that you're ready to let it go. 

Are you ready to clean your energetic field & reclaim your power?

At the end of the workshop you will:

Understand what energetic cords are

Be able to identify the signs that you have unhealthy energetic cords to be released

Experience a cord cutting and power reclaiming ceremony to bring you back to your most authentic, free self!

Debunk some of the misconceptions about cord cutting

Cord Cutting & Power Reclaiming Workshop

is for your next level you.

Hi! I'm Sharin, and I'm an Empowerment & Intuitive Coach. I help highly sensitive women go from overwhelmed and disconnected from their power to creating a life in alignment with their truth so that they can experience abundance and freedom.

I used to be the ULTIMATE good girl. I had the perfect, well-paying, corporate job. A stable long-term relationship with a doctor which my parents approved of.

BUT I felt like I was stuck living someone else's life. This wasn't the life I wanted.I wanted more. More passion. More joy. More freedom. More ME.

To break free of the good girl rules and live the way I truly desired, I’ve had to really let go of any attachment to what my family wanted me to be, to toxic relationships, to approval from others.

And one of the ways I’ve done that is cutting unhealthy energetic cords. I've used cord cutting to help me to break free from my past. To release old relationship patterns that kept me going for unavailable men, for men who emotionally abused me and made me feel like I was not good enough. I have used it to clear myself of the HEAVY HEAVY limitations and expectations I had adopted over the years to become courageous and follow my heart and do the work that lights me up.

And that is why I'm so so happy to be able to share this with you!

If you're ready to let go of the old. To fully embrace your truth and open yourself up to new opportunities. 

Your authenticity, freedom and joy are waiting for you..