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This is your space to decode your Soul Blueprint. Learn your best strategy to live your most authentic, abundant and purposeful life.

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Hey there my beautiful, courageous woman. Do you want to learn your best strategy to live your most authentic, abundant and purposeful life?
For years you have been searching outside yourself for your purpose so that you can finally feel fulfilled with life. You have looked to society and how they define success. You have looked to your peers and your family to decide what is best for you. 

What makes you uniquely you?

What are you here to accomplish and learn in your lifetime?

Step into the most authentic, free version of yourself

Here's what they say:

What is the best way for you to make decisions in life?

If you want to learn....

​Human Design combines combines Kabbalah, I'Ching, the chakra system, quantum physics, genetics, and biochemistry all into one master system to help you do just that. .

What your unique strategy is for abundance, freedom and joy?

If you're ready to...

But what if I told you that your purpose and innate genius can simply be found within you? 

Human Design provides you with your soul's blueprint based on your birth data to help you uncover your spiritual truth.
A Human Design reading will give you valuable information to implement directly into your life for profound change, growth and empowerment.

Know deep in your soul who you are and what you are meant to do?

Have a blueprint of how to do exactly that?

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Then you're in the right place!

“OMG! My Human Design reading was so amazing!! I not only understand myself better but I also feel so much more empowered to face challenges and take on the world! Sharin not only clearly pointed a picture of who I am but also the best strategies for me to take in order to thrive and experience abundance! So many useful tools and suggestions that I've already put into practice and am feeling so motivated & inspired going forward! I highly recommend a Human Design reading with Sharin for anyone actively seeking self-growth on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels! The clarity you're gain is priceless and SO VITAL to healing! Thanks Sharin!”

Nicole DuGuay - Entrepreneur, Yoga teacher, nutritionist and Reiki Practitioner

“I just want to say thank you for my Human Design reading. I feel like a huge stone was lifted off my chest. And I feel like this reading just made everything I’ve been experiencing emotionally in my life and certain incidents in life make so much sense! I also feel like I now understand how I am designed and built, what my core is and how to just be me. It feels so enlightening and comforting at the same time and I can’t wait to go even deeper into this with you.”

Farah S - SALEs Unit Manager

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At the end of your reading, you will:

Understand the best way for you to make decisions

Identify the best strategy for you in your life, relationships and work

Feel clear about the way you are meant to operate here on this earth

Stop pushing and hustling and come back into flow

A Human Design reading

is for your next level you.

See yourself and your brilliance with absolute clarity

Uncover the deeper purpose of your life

Discover the hidden treasures of your genius and how you can incorporate that into your work and life

Start to embody your authentic nature so that you can show up fully with confidence in your gifts

Hi! I'm Sharin, and I'm an Empowerment Coach & Human Design Expert.

I help highly sensitive women go from overwhelmed and disconnected from their power to creating a life in alignment with their truth so that they can experience abundance and freedom.

I used to be the ULTIMATE good girl. I had the perfect, well-paying, corporate job. A stable long-term relationship with a doctor which my parents approved of.

BUT I felt like I was stuck living someone else's life. This wasn't the life I wanted.I wanted more. More passion. More joy. More freedom. More ME.

When I discovered Human Design, everything changed for me - my life, my work my relationships. 

To break free of the good girl rules and live the way I truly desired, I’ve had to really let go of any old conditioning. And one of the ways I’ve done that is EMBODYING my Human Design. All the things I learnt growing up from society, family and my peers.

I have spent years Human Design, also training with a mentor, integrating and embodying to be able to help you with your Human Design.

I’m so excited to help you start your journey!

Getting a reading the best way to dive deeper into understanding your unique energetic makeup and how you’re meant to interact in the world. The beauty of a Human Design Reading, as opposed to simply researching your chart by yourself, is the deeper discovery that happens during the session. 
With a Human Design Reading, you don’t have to keep wondering and guessing how to apply Human Design into your life. You can ask questions and receive instant answers and feedback. As a qualified coach I can guide your and talk it through with you as you process. 

Why book a Human Design reading?

Translate what you’re learning into actionable steps

Understand how your design impacts your everyday life

Learn more about your soul purpose and how you’re meant to live it out

Become more familiar with your chart as a whole

Be able to start your deconditioning process to unveil your true authentic self

When you book a reading with me you will..

During our 90-minute Human Design reading session, I’ll walk you through your chart. During a reading we discuss your open and defined centers, your specific channels, profile, definition, purpose and how you can apply this knowledge and awareness in YOUR current life and environment. You will receive a recording of the session so that you can continue to study and embody your Design.

I will also provide you with tools that are tailored specifically for you to help you start deconditioning and hold space in your daily life with the new awareness and insight you have received.

What happens during a reading?

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