If you are here, it means you are DONE  living life on someone else’s terms. You're ready to RECLAIM your life and live fully on your own terms. Let's get started!

Yay! I'm so excited to see you here!

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Human Design Reading

Get ready to dive deep! We will work together to determine your dream life, release the limiting beliefs that hold you back from moving forwards and identify the key steps you can take to go in the direction of authenticity, freedom and joy. Book a call and let's get started today!



Learn to embrace your true authentic self and the best strategy for how to live your most authentic, abundant and purposeful life.

This reading will give you the information to implement directly into your life for profound change, growth and empowerment.

I'm ready for my next level!

You have a deep knowing that there is more to life than this..

Whether it's being stuck in a soul sucking job that kills you slowly every single day...

Or a relationship that looks good on the outside but is empty on the inside...

You're stuck in a life that's just not YOU. 

My beautiful, courageous woman, I see you.
You know you're ready for a change.
You're ready to RECLAIM your life. To live fully on your own terms.
To do work that lights you up and has you looking forward to Monday mornings.
To be in the relationship with the one who feels like your best friend and soulmate at the same time.
To feel so much joy, passion and freedom when you think about your life!

That's where I come in!

I am committed to empowering you to forge your own path – To live fully and freely from the heart, and break free of the limitations that hold you back, so that you become the truest, highest expression of yourself.

If you're ready to move from disconnected from your power to creating a life that is authentic and in alignment with your heart, read on.

Workshops & Self-Study


If you're the type that loves the time and space to learn things on your own, check out some of the awesome workshops and self-study courses available!

Here are a few ways I can support you in making that happen:


"I now know what I want from my relationships and have learnt how to communicate my needs clearly and live life on on my own terms"

Tricia Yew


"My life has changed since working with Carmen."

"She is so fun to work with and super intuitive. So yeah, I highly recommend working with her!!"

"My life has changed since working with Carmen."

"She is so fun to work with and super intuitive. So yeah, I highly recommend working with her!!"

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